If you’re about to open an Etsy shop, one of the first things you need to do is come up with a name for it.

It’s important to craft a name that both stands out and reflects what you sell.

This blog post will help you find the perfect Etsy shop name while also teaching you how to avoid common mistakes when naming your Etsy shop.

After reading this post, you’ll know more about what makes a good Etsy shop name with examples from other Etsy shops. You’ll be able to use these ideas as inspiration for coming up with an awesome name for your own business!


Start with what you sell

What you sell should serve as the basis for your Etsy shop name, and here’s why:


It’s good for your brand.

When you describe what you sell in your Etsy shop name, customers know what to expect.

Example: the Etsy shop NothingButFaceMasks. You know that this shop specialized in face masks. It’s also a name that is easy to remember!


It’s good for SEO.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. By stating what you sell in your name, your name becomes a bonus keyword.

Example: the Etsy shop The Faux Bouquets. If you search for “faux bouquet” on Google, this Etsy shop ranks on the top of the first page!


More examples of Etsy shops that use what they sell in their name:

  • FabricsUniverse
  • CycleDecal
  • TwistStationery
  • RollingPinCollection
  • TheCactusKingdom

Try to incorporate what your sell in your Etsy shop name. If you sell a bunch of different things, try to find a common denominator. For instance, my Etsy shop, Olenka’s Findings, refers to jewelry-making components called “findings.”

Grab this free Etsy Shop Name Brainstorming Worksheet!


    Fill in this worksheet as you go through this blog post. Just type in your name and email to download your copy!


    Once you’ve established what you sell as the basis of your name, add other words such as your name or an adjective.


    Your name

    Many people come to Etsy to support independent sellers (like you!), which is why adding your name to your Etsy shop name is a great idea. It adds a personal touch and makes buyers feel like they are buying directly from you (because they are!).

    Examples of Etsy shops that include the owner’s name to their shop name:

    • MarciaEmbroidery
    • LorettasBeads
    • MeganLouiseCeramics
    • EmersonSoaps


    An alternative to using your name or location is using adjectives to describe what you sell or describe your brand.

    Etsy shops that use adjectives in their name:

    • LushGlassblowing
    • WildWatches
    • SillySoapShop (bonus points for the alliteration)
    • StylishPaperShop

    You can also add your location to your Etsy shop name, especially if it’s relevant to your brand.

    Etsy shops that use their location in their shop name:

    • TerraCeramicsPrague
    • TheLetterLoftUK
    • RockyMountainDecals (the seller lives near the Canadian “Rockies”)

    A creative name

    At the end of the day, you can name your shop whatever you want. It’s your business, and you need to like it and live with it every day!

    Etsy shops that use creative names while conveying what they sell:

    • art2theextreme (kids’ art supplies)
    • Things We Do Together (games)
    • TheQuoteHouse
    • Kringle Workshops (wooden toys)
    • Wool Hugs (knitwear)
    • TheresasTimeMachine (vintage finds)
    • Anthea’s Attic (vintage finds)
    • TheLeafyHome (plants)

    Some Do’s and Don’ts of choosing your Etsy shop name

    ✔️ Do choose a name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

    Don’t misspell words. It will make finding your name harder. (This is not a real Etsy shop, but here’s an example: M1ss 1nd3p3nd3nt)

    ✔️ Do capitalize the first letter of each word. Etsy doesn’t allow spaces in your shop name, so capitalizing the first letter breaks up each word.

    Don’t add numbers to the end of your shop name if the original is taken. You don’t want to compete with the other Etsy shop with the same name.


    Once you think you’ve found “the one”

    There are a few things to do before solidifying your Etsy shop name.

    1️⃣ Make sure another Etsy shop hasn’t already claimed it. Type in www.etsy.com/shop/YourDesiredName to see if it’s taken.

    2️⃣ Check to see if the name is available as a handle on the social media platforms you’ll be using. It’s best to keep your name consistent across all platforms.

    3️⃣ Check to see if the name isn’t trademarked. The World Intellectual Property Organization has a global brand database you can search for existing trademarks.


    Final thoughts

    If you’re still not 100% sure about your name, know that your Etsy shop name is not that important.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never not purchased something off Etsy because of a shop’s name.

    There’s no such thing as a perfect name, and you can grow your business regardless of what it’s called.

    But if you delay opening up your Etsy shop by a few months, that’s months of sales you’re missing out on!

    Your Etsy shop name is not as important as launching your shop and making sales. Not to mention, you can always change your name later. Etsy allows you to do this up to five times.

    Use the brainstorming worksheet to choose your name today, and open up that Etsy shop already! Your bank account will thank you 🙂