Online sales are booming right now. Are you making the most of it?

Here’s the thing: most buyers are staying home and opting to shop online. It’s a massive opportunity for Etsy sellers to make a bit of extra income during this unprecedented time.

Let’s talk about 9 types of things you can quickly list on Etsy during the Coronavirus quarantine, even if you’re new to Etsy or don’t yet have a shop!


1. Anything Coronavirus-themed

Etsy shops: TLCPouches, GattoStamps, BeadaStory

Coronavirus-themed items are quick bestsellers on Etsy right now, and fabric masks are in high demand.

Break out your sewing machine if you have one. Etsy is encouraging and supporting mask-making sellers, as long as they follow guidelines such as avoiding medical or health claims.

Most notably:

  • Virus, bacteria, pathogen, Influenza or Flu protection or prevention
  • Antibacterial or antimicrobial properties
  • CDC, FDA, or other official approval or compliance
  • Comparisons to N95 masks

Source: Tips for Selling Handmade Masks and Face Covers on Etsy

Coronavirus-themed trinkets and gifts are also huge right now. Consider making toilet paper-themed jewelry, mugs, and t-shirts with Coronavirus quotes, or themed gift sets buyers can send as care packages.

2. Printable Art

Etsy shops: SaraCristinaDesign, Welcome2Dreamland, WithLovePaperieShop

Printable art is always popular on Etsy: buyers can design their space inexpensively, and save money on shipping.

Selling digital art is beneficial to you because you don’t need to deal with possible returns or exchanges. After all, digital items are considered “used” upon delivery (once a customer downloads an item, they can’t “return” it).

Printable art is great to sell right now because any people are bored and revamping their homes right now. Marmalead trends show that “digital art” will grow in popularity over the next few months.

Another plus of selling digital art right now…you don’t endanger yourself by going to the post office!

Anyone can sell digital art. Scan your art to sell digitally. Buy a fancy font and create simple phrases on minimalist white backgrounds. Photograph items in a creative way and sell digital prints.

There are so many possibilities with this category, and the startup costs are minimal!

3. Digital Products/Freelance Services

Etsy shops: VictoriaBeePhoto, SwitzerShop, TemplateCrafts

Digital products are premade services that you can sell to a large number of people for a generally lower price-point.

Digital services are custom. They are more work, so there is a limit on how many you can commit to, but you can charge a premium for them.

Examples of digital products to sell on Etsy: mobile presets, premade website templates, fonts, worksheets, or any downloadable template.

Services to sell on Etsy: custom room design, copywriting, resume help, social media management, logo design, photo editing services, and so much more.

If you can sell it on Fiverr, you can sell it on Etsy! (then sell it on Fivver as well)😉

Bonus points: do both and see what works best for you! For example, premade website templates and custom websites.

4. Craft Supplies

Etsy shops: smallbirdworkshop, TIJC, IPtextileFabric

Have any craft supplies lying around? Consider selling them on Etsy!

According to Etsy’s latest seasonal trend report, the most popular subcategory is Fabric and Notions (sewing accessories and tools), followed by Jewelry making supplies.

Some craft supplies people are searching for right now: fabric and elastics for face masks, beads and charms for bracelet making, yarn for crocheting.

5. Craft Kits

Etsy shops: kirikipress, AbsolutelyKnotCo, DianaWattersHandmade

Bundle a bunch of craft supplies and sell them as a craft kit! Craft kits are great, now especially, because buyers are looking for things to do: if not for themselves, for their kids stuck at home!

Etsy’s trend report suggests that people are searching for “beginner” craft kits.

Some ideas for craft kits: embroidery kit, beading set, DIY home decor kit, cross stitch kit.

What do you already have that you could bundle together as a craft kit?

6. Stickers

Etsy shops: LittleLemonSoda, KraftyCdnDesigns, DesignsbyJacquelin

Stickers are worth putting on this list because of how popular they are on Etsy, and how easy they are to sell.

If you own a Cricut (or a regular ‘ole printer), consider selling this very profitable item!

Stickers are great because people tend to buy them in larger quantities, and they are fairly light to ship (you might even get away with sending them as letter mail).

Stickers with the most amount of searches: vinyl, planner, laptop, and wall stickers.

There’s a reason PlannerKate1 is the biggest shop on Etsy, and all of her 1,685 items are stickers!

7. Anything Wedding Related

Etsy shops: BridalStar, LettersFromLulu, clearcutvinyl

Many couples are postponing their wedding due to Coronavirus, but they’re still planning their wedding ceremonies, and they’re still shopping for wedding-related items!

Not to mention, couples that have wedding dates later this year or next year, with more time on their hands to plan big day.

Consider selling “Delay the Date” cards (bonus points for Coronavirus-themed cards), wedding jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, or wedding decor.

The wedding industry is a huge one. You really can’t go wrong here!

8. Vintage

Etsy shops: EnfieldPost, wildthingvintage, 1000CrowsVintage

Etsy defines “vintage” as items that are 20 years or older. <strong>Do you have any vintage items collecting dust at home? Polish them off and sell them on Etsy!

Etsy is a great place to sell vintage, especially now, with thrift stores closed for the time being.

One of a kind items like vintage more challenging to sell on Etsy because you need to photograph, list, and promote each one individually. To make it work, price vintage pieces with a premium!

9. Personalized Items

Etsy shops: CaitlynMinimalist, LittleLadyPrintShop, MyMomentsOfBliss

Personalization does very well on Etsy, as many buyers are seeking unique items for themselves and as thoughtful gifts.

Some ways to offer personalization: engraving, custom text, colours, and prints.

Bonus: you can offer personalization for your existing listings by toggling “on” the personalization setting.

Hope this list has inspired you with things you can sell on Etsy during Coronavirus, but please keep in mind that it is by no means exhaustive!

I highly suggest doing market research of your own to scope out trends and find ways to incorporate them into your products.

Hope you’re staying happy, busy, and most of all, healthy!

If you’re looking for more Etsy biz motivation, I’m posting Etsy tips daily on Instagram. See you there!

xx Olenka