So you’re self-quarantining with time to spare. Or you’re looking to do a bit of spring cleaning – of your Etsy shop. Whatever the reason,  I’m here to share eight actionable ways to upgrade your Etsy business right now, to increase views and increase your sales on Etsy!


1. Market research

Now is a great time to conduct market research and learn about the wants and needs of your “market” (target demographic).

How to do market research for Etsy?

Start by browsing Etsy to see what kinds of items are popular in your category. What do they have in common?

Look for more established Etsy shops in your niche and observe how they run their shop (including their Etsy storefront, listings, social media presence, etc.). What are they doing well? What could you be doing better?

Use a market research tool like eRank or Marmalead to analyze frequently-searched items and keywords, and look for future trend predictions.

How can you incorporate trends while fulfilling the needs of your market?

How can you go above and beyond what your competitors are doing?

Routine market research will help you improve your Etsy business with this in mind!


2. Build your Etsy brand

Etsy is different than most eCommerce sites.

Etsy buyers are different than most buyers.

Etsy buyers want to buy from a person, not an Amazon or a Walmart. They want that special touch that you can provide. A strong brand will help you cultivate brand recognition, build trust, and connect with customers on a more personal level.

The Golden Circle

There are several brand concepts out there, but I’m partial to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model:

Your WHAT is the thing you offer. Your HOW is the way you do it (the thing that sets you apart from the rest). But your WHY is most important. Your WHY = your purpose!

WHY does your shop exist? Most people don’t think about their WHY, but it’s the thing that will allow you to connect with your target demographic!

Figure out your what, how, and WHY, and the visual elements of your brand will fall into place. Use your visual elements (like your colour palette and graphics) to complement your brand values.


3. Add more items to your Etsy shop

Etsy is a handmade marketplace (and search engine) with thousands of shops and millions of items. You need a significant amount of products to stand out in search results.

More listings = more visibility = more sales!

100 seems to be the magic number for many sellers; in my case, I noticed that my shop took off when I had 100 quality listings (because, let’s face it, not every one of your products will be perfect (or appeal to buyers, for that matter).

If 100 seems like a daunting number, consider creating variations of products that are doing well, like different: colours, materials, and variations designed for different occasions and holidays.

Also, consider “bundling” a few items into sets. Product bundles are a great way to publish more listings without actually creating more products… not to mention, people love to buy sets for gift-giving!

One last reason to add more items to your Etsy shop… people are more likely to buy from you if your shop has tons of items (much like a brick-and-mortar store; you want customers to see that your shop is fully stocked and thriving!)


4. Improve your Etsy SEO

Everyone is throwing around SEO like it’s the secret to sales, but to be fair, IT KIND OF IS. No one will buy your things if they can’t find your things.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your Etsy listings to increase visibility and rank higher in search results. SEO is the best way to get more traffic to your Etsy shop!

To optimizing each listing for SEO, make a list of phrases that others might search for to find it, then test out your keywords using an Etsy SEO tool like eRank or Marmalead. Do this separately for each listing; you don’t want your items to compete with each other for keywords!

Look for search terms that are less popular but more specific and have high conversion rates. There are called long tail keywords, and I have an in-depth post on How to use long tail keywords to rank higher on Etsy (and get views to your Etsy shop!)

Optimizing your shop for SEO is key to growing your Etsy business!


5. Update your Etsy storefront

Your Etsy storefront is the first impression customers get when they come across your shop. What kind of impression do you want to make? Here are a few updates to make to your Etsy storefront in case it needs upgrading:

Update your shop banner

Your shop banner is one of your biggest opportunities to creatively showcase your brand. Use it to its full potential! Update your banner if it’s looking outdated or create one if you don’t already have one. Canva is a free design site that will help you make a gorgeous banner!

My Etsy shop banner. I’ve had it for a year, and redesigning it is on my “To-Do” list!

Update your shop title

The title below your shop name? It’s actually super important! Your Shop Title tells Etsy (and other search enginges) what your shop is all about. If you search for your Etsy shop on Google, this description will pop up. Use your Shop Title to clearly describe what you sell, in 55 characters or less. Mine looks like this:

“Fashion craft supplies: charms, patches, buttons, beads”

Be as specific as possible and leave the creativity for the things you sell!

Fill out your shop owner picture and profile

Add your picture to your shop owner profile if you haven’t already done so. If you aren’t comfortable with sharing your picture, share a picture of your pet… or a funny cartoon… or anything! Leaving it blank looks impersonal.

Share a little about yourself in the profile description to give customers a chance to connect with you!

Update your shop story

Your shop story is different than your owner profile. It’s a place to showcase the WHY of your brand with pictures, videos, and your shop story. Many Etsy sellers use it as a place to show their workspace and creative process!

Update your shop announcement

Your shop announcement is a great wat to communicate shop news with customers. Update it regularly! You don’t want your customers seeing that your announcement was last updated a year ago…show them that your shop is active by updating it once a month!

Create clear sections for your Etsy items

Categorize your items in a way you think your customers would be searching for. Make your section titles clear and concise. Etsy considers these while ranking you for SEO!

Are you noticing a trend here? The trick with writing for online business is to clearly define what you are selling. Save the creativity for the visual elements of your Etsy business.

The Etsy search algorithmn prefers clear over clever!

Update your shop policies

Etsy has a standard template for shop policies, but consider policies that would pertain specifically to your business.

Also, consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below your shop policies. What are things your customers frequently inquire about? What can you clarify for them?


6. Get a domain name to point to your Etsy shop

A domain is a www._____ name to associate with your website.

Website hosting is where you “host” your website.

All websites need a domain and hosting, but you can get a domain name and redirect it to your Etsy shop (Etsy has its own hosting).

A domain gives you a professional and memorable URL to share with customers. It also gives you options in case you ever want to open an eCommerce store of your own (as opposed to “renting space” from Etsy). Just redirect your domain to that shop!

Google Domains is a great place to buy a domain for your Etsy shop and costs about $12 (USD) per year to own and keep it. $12 is a pretty small investment that makes a considerable difference for brand recognition!


7. Create a social media (Instagram) page for your Etsy shop

Social media is a great way to connect to customers outside of your Etsy shop. You don’t need to be on all of the social media platforms to make an impact; in fact, I recommend focusing your time and energy on Instagram instead of spreading yourself thin and doing a mediocre job on five platforms!

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a highly visual platform, with tons of opportunities to show off your products. Instagram also allows you to communicate with your customers in the comments, and engage with them interactively through polls, quizzes, and questions in Instagram Stories.

Bonus: create a Pinterest account for your Etsy shop with lifestyle photos of your items. Though Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social platform, it’s the perfect place to promote handmade items!

👉 The top Category on Pinterest in the US is “Art, Supplies & Hobbies”

👉 83% of frequent Pinners have made a purchase based on a brand’s Pin

👉 50% of Pinterest users earn over 50K per year

Source: Omnicore


8. Get a business card for your Etsy business

I highly suggest getting a business card to mail out with each order. It adds a personal yet branded element to each package you send out, and gives your buyers a chance to connect with you after the sale.

What should you put on your business card?

Include your social media handle(s), as well as your domain URL (see how it all comes together?) You can also include a coupon code for discounts on future order, as a thank you, and as a way to encourage repeat sales!

Bonus points: include a handwritten note on each business card. As mentioned earlier in this post, Etsy is different than most eCommerce stores, and buyers expect personal touches like handwritten notes. Just make sure to add a blank area when designing it!


What’s the number one thing you’re committing to working on with your Etsy shop this week? Choose one thing to start, then begin implementing it!