Maybe you’re looking to start an Etsy shop this year. Maybe you’re thinking of opening a second Etsy shop. Or maybe you want to grow your existing Etsy business. If any of these apply, you’re in the right place!

Etsy doesn’t disclose what shoppers search for most, so I did a bit of digging of my own and came up with a list of 21 things to sell on Etsy in 2021.

To come up with this list, I looked at the top Etsy shops and analyzed keywords with Marmalead, an SEO tool for Etsy sellers.

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Now, here’s my list of 21 things to sell on Etsy in 2021!


1. Craft Supplies

Craft supplies reign supreme on Etsy. Out of the top 100 Etsy shops, over 50% of them are craft supply shops. Jewelry components (“findings”) are very popular, but fabrics, cake decorating supplies, SVG files, and even seeds (yes, seeds) also count as craft supplies. The Etsy shop SEEDVILLEUSA makes a killing selling flower and vegetable seeds!

Craft supplies are easy to sell because, as creatives, most of us have them. And if you own a handmade shop, then you most definitely have them! If you have a surplus of craft supplies, consider selling them individually or putting together craft kits.

If you use a Cricut or do cross-stitching, crocheting, embroidering, or the like, you could also sell SVG files or digital patterns (but more on that later in this post).

Popular keywords: “jewelry making,” “beads,” and “SVG files.”


2. Face Masks

Etsy shop: BeWellGroup

You’d think nearly one year into COVID that we’d have all the reusable masks we need, but they are still popular on Etsy. In fact, the Etsy shop BeWellGroup continues to make over 1,000 mask sales every day!

If you know how to sew, consider adding masks to your Etsy shop because there is a demand for them. And if you don’t know how to sew, you can work with a production partner to bring them to life (that’s allowed on Etsy!).

Popular keywords for this category include: “mask,” “kids mask,” and “washable face mask.”


3. Statement earrings

“Statement earrings” is a huge keyword on Etsy right now. With “maximalism” on the rise, buyers are looking to express themselves boldly. Statement clay earrings are trendy, as are resin and leather earrings.

If you sell jewelry on Etsy, consider adding statement earrings to your inventory!

Popular keywords: “leather earrings,” “hoop earrings,” “clay earrings,” and “resin earrings.”


4. Personalized Jewelry

Aside from statement earrings (and engagement rings, which are always popular), personalized jewelry is big on Etsy.

The Etsy shop CaitlynMinimalist sells personalized jewelry such as letter necklaces, handwriting bracelets, and custom city rings (all pictured above). She is currently the #2 seller on Etsy and, according to eRank, averages 385 sales per day.

People love to shop Etsy for unique and personalized items, and jewelry is a great thing to personalize. Consider adding personalization to some of your jewelry, and you are bound to get more Etsy sales!

Popular keywords: “name necklace,” “initial necklace.”


5. Personalized Gifts

Etsy shops: BrightLightCraftCo, MaisonMuskoka, ImpressionsStamped

Speaking of personalization, personalized gits are also huge on Etsy. In fact, according to Etsy’s most recent trend report, “personalized gift” was the top searched term in 2020.

“Personalized gifts” can be just about anything, from family trees, to home signs, to personalized spoons (the spoon pictured above is a bestseller; spoons seem to be a popular thing to personalize).

Popular keywords:“personalized necklace,” “personalized mug,” “personalized cutting board.”


6. Pet Anything (especially dog and cat items)

Pet owners are cuckoo about their pets (I happen to know; I’m a crazy dog mom). For this reason, pet-related items are always popular on Etsy. We’re talking about everything ranging from pet supplies to gifts for pet lovers.

If it doesn’t make sense to add pet supplies to your shop, consider creating items for pet lovers!

Popular dog keywords: “dog collar,” “dog tag,” “leather dog collar,” and “dog bandana.”

Popular cat keywords: “cat collar,” “cat tree,” “cat bed,” and “cat lover gift.”


7. Wedding Anything

Etsy shops: BelleBoxBoutique, PearlandMason, Rawkrft

You really can’t go wrong in the wedding category. The wedding industry is huge, and considering many 2020 weddings were postponed due to Covid, most of them will take place in 2021.

According to Marmalead, wedding searches skyrocket in February.

You could sell many different wedding-related items, such as bridal accessories, guest books, or cake toppers. Also consider wedding-related occasions, such as engagement parties, bachelorettes, wedding showers, and honeymoons.

Popular keywords include: “wedding dress,” “wedding invitation,” “wedding cake topper,” “wedding guestbook,” “wedding gift,” and “wedding favors” (but you really can’t go wrong with anything wedding-related!)


8. Planner Anything

Etsy must attract a very organized bunch because planner “anything” sells very well on Etsy. This includes planners of all kinds, pens, and planner stickers.

PlannerKate01 is the #1 shop on Etsy, having made nearly 1.5 million sales. She only sells planner stickers!

Popular keywords for this category include: “planner stickers,” “digital planner,” “printable planner,” and “wedding planner.”


9. Stickers

Etsy shop: ZenspireDesigns

Stickers deserve a category of their own because “non-planner” stickers also do well on Etsy. ZenspireDesigns has made over 177K sales selling fun stickers on Etsy!

Popular keywords for this category include: “planner stickers,” “vinyl stickers,” “bullet journal stickers,” and “laptop stickers.”



Etsy shop: MollyMaeCorner

Many people come to Etsy to find unique or handmade greetings cards for all occasions. Birthday cards are the most popular, but wedding and anniversary cards are highly sought after as well as well.

Popular keywords: “birthday card,” “mothers day card,” “valentines card” “anniversary card,” and “wedding card.”


11. SVG files

I had to google what an “SVG file” is for this post since I wasn’t entirely sure (sorry for all you Cricut lovers).

For your information…SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. Vectors allow for infinite image resolution, unlike JPEG’s or PNG’s that use pixels that get…pixelated for lack of a better word. Many people use SVG files with their Cricut’s to make finished items such as tumblers, clothing, and wall decals.

SVG files are wildly popular on Etsy. If you’re good at design, consider creating SVG files of your own to sell. HeatherRobertsArt is one of the biggest SVG file shops on Etsy, having made over 70K sales. She also sells a commercial license that fellow business owners can buy to use her designs in products they sell.

Popular keywords for this category include: “svg files for cricut,” “svg bundle,” “laser cut files.”


12. Patterns

Do you do cross stitch? Sew? Knit? Crochet? Make amigurumi dolls? Consider creating and selling digital patterns of your designs! This is such an easy category to sell because once you list your pattern, there’s not much you need to do besides promote it. There’s no shipping involved, and you don’t need to worry about refunds (because digital products are considered “used” upon download). And patterns are in high demand right now!

Popular keywords: “cross stitch pattern,” “amigurumi pattern,” “crochet pattern,” and “embroidery pattern.”


13. Wall Art

“Wall art” is the most searched keyword in the art category. If you don’t sell wall art, consider adding a few hangable pieces to your inventory.

If you do sell wall art, consider selling “printable wall art.” This is another popular keyword on Etsy because it is accessible to all budgets.

If you’re finding that sales for your original art pieces are few and far between, consider selling printable versions at a lower price point. You’ll sell these more frequently, and it will supplement your income from original art sales.

Popular keywords for this category include: “printable wall art,” “wood wall art,” “metal wall art,” “nursery wall art,” and “large wall art.”


14. Plants

Etsy shop: HirtsGardens

Etsy buyers are plant people. If you have a “green thumb,” consider selling in this category (FYI: plants are considered to be “handmade” items!).

A downside to selling plants online is figuring out how to ship them, but if you can do that, indoor plants, plant cuttings, and plant kits sell like hotcakes on Etsy.

Popular keywords for this category include: “house plants,” “air plants,” “live plants,” and “indoor plants.”


15. Metaphysical Items

Metaphysical items are huuuuge on Etsy right now (especially tarot cards). Many people have turned to tarot during COVID for self-reflection and meditation, with “tarot cards” being the most popular keyword in this category.

To start selling in this category, consider selling crystal jewelry or raw crystals (which are considered to be craft supplies).

Popular keywords: “tarot cards,” “crystal necklace,” “crystal crown.”


16. Candles

Soy candles are the most popular type of candles on Etsy, and crystal candles are also huge. The Etsy shop TheSecretOwnShop sells “Hidden Gem” candles that “uncover” new crystals as the candle burns!

Also, candles are relatively easy to make, and the markup on them is quite high.

Popular keywords: “soy candle,” “crystal candle,” and “candle holder.”


17. Leather goods

Leather goods are quite popular on Etsy. Consider selling leather notebooks, dog collars, or accessories such as wallets or bags. Leather earrings are also in high demand!

Popular keywords:“leather bag,” “leather earrings,” “leather dog collar,” and “leather journal.”


18. Vintage Clothing

Many people come to Etsy to find vintage pieces they can’t get anywhere else. Vintage clothing is in high demand, especially vintage dresses and jackets.

Popular keywords for this category include: “vintage dress,” “vintage indian dress,” “adidas vintage,” and “vintage jacket.”

Etsy shop: ThrillsCurated


19. Vintage Jewelry

Etsy shop: TrademarkAntiques

Vintage jewelry is great because the markup tends to be very high. Many people buy vintage jewelry as investment pieces, especially vintage engagement rings! If you sell vintage on Etsy, this is a category I recommend getting into.

Popular keywords for this category include: “vintage engagement ring,” and “vintage earrings.”


20. Self-Care Items

Self-care items were big in 2020, and they will continue to be popular in 2021 as COVID continues to keep us inside (I don’t know about you, but my region is currently in lockdown). With all this spare time, people are spending more time on TLC. Plus, self-care items make great gifts, individually or in gift sets.

CountryMarketCrafts is one of the biggest Etsy shops in the “bath products” category, specializing in bubble bars, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and body lotions.

Popular keywords in this category: “natural beauty products,” “handmade soap,” “bath bombs,” and “wax melts.


21. A Good Idea

Etsy shop: RoboRascals

Francesca had an idea. Her idea was to sell cute Roomba covers, decorative covers that made the Roomba vacuum look cute, and soft – to protect furniture from being scratched as it whizzed around the house.

Her Etsy shop RoboRascals brought in over 5,000 sales in its first year (2020!).

Every so often, someone comes along with an idea for a one-of-a-kind-product that has no keywords to back it up.

If you want to sell an item but you’ve never seen anyone do it, just go for it! You’ll never know if it will sell until you try, and the limit truly is your imagination.



Many of the ideas on this list overlap. You could sell vintage wedding dresses, statement vintage earrings, leather dog collars, or metaphysical candles with crystals. You could sell planner stickers or personalized stickers. Wall art makes a great personalized gift.

This list is by no means exhaustive. These are just some of my recommendations based on keyword research, but I encourage you to do keyword research of your own (check out my blog post on 6 ways to do market research for your Etsy shop).

Happy shopping! (oops, I meant researching) 😉